Pearl colours and shapes



Australian South Sea pearls come in two main colours - silver and gold. Your choice of colour will depend on the tone of your skin. Generally, darker pearls enhance fair skin tones, and lighter pearls glow against dark skin tones.



Silver pearls range from cream right through to silver-grey. Silver-cream pearls are those that are traditionally referred to as white. The most sought-after and rare silver pearls are the silver-pinks.



Gold pearls range from champagne right through to a deep, rich gold, and also include the gold-pinks.





Round pearls are perfect spheres. This is the traditional shape of a cultured pearl, and the most expensive.

Near round pearls are close to round pearls, but are not perfect spheres. Near round pearls are a cheaper alternative to round pearls and maintain the traditional pearl image.



Drop pearls are oval or tear-drop shaped, and create a classy look in earrings and pendants.




Circle pearls are usually a drop or round shape, but have circles or raised ridges around their circumference. Circle pearls make eye-catching pendants.




Baroque pearls are unique and come in a range of unusual shapes. Baroque pearls can be used to create a one-off piece of jewellery that demands attention.




Keshii pearls are naturally occurring pearls. They are small and come in a variety of shapes, from fairly round to rice grain. Keshii pearls make beautiful, delicate earrings as studs or drops.