Operational Pearl Farm Turtlehead Island, Escape River, Far North Queensland, Australia
Turtlehead Island pearl farm is situated in the pristine waters of the estuary of Escape and Middle Rivers,
with its land-base on Turtlehead Island, 23km below the tip of Queensland on the east coast.

The farm is fully operational with seeded pearl shell and penguin shell in the water, and includes an aquaculture lease within Escape and Middle Rivers of 671.163 hectares (renewable in 2041), and a Crown Lease of 12.14 hectares on Turtlehead Island (renewable in 2031).

The aquaculture lease permits the farming of :-
Pinctada Maxima (South Sea pearl shell)

Pteria Penguin (Penguin shell)

Pinctada imbricate (Akoya pearl oyster)
Pinctada margaritifera (Black lip oyster shell)
Striostrea mytiloides (edible black-lip oyster).

The farm has huge potential for the development of a large variety of aquaculture activities.

Included is a pearl shell collection license for the Torres Strait Fishery. This license is currently attached to Silver Pearl a 5.90m Hooker dory - but has special provision to be upgraded onto a 9.90m vessel when appropriate.

Silver Pearl has been custom-built with live wells for pearl shell and a hookah diving unit, and has just been fitted with a new Yamaha 100 4-stroke outboard.

Also included in the sale is a 5m Cairns Custom Craft workboat with a Tohatsu 50 outboard.

There is also great potential for the development of sport-fishing tourism on the farm, as Escape River and its environs are renowned for the number and variety of fish that make the mangroves their home.

The base on Turtlehead Island includes accommodation, kitchen and bathroom facilities, sheds, vegetable gardens, and a floating pontoon wharf with operations shed and rafts.

The farm is powered by generator (with some small solar installations) and is supplied by bore-water and rainwater tanks.

The farm is stocked with much pearl farming equipment longlines, buoys, anchors, baskets etc, and a custom-built X-ray machine.

The farm is reluctantly for sale due to the owner, for health reasons, being unable to dive for pearl shell. It is for sale as an aquaculture lease with all equipment, boats, pearls, shell and licenses included, as a going concern.

Price : $2.5 million